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Our knees are incredible structures that withstand a lot of pressure and strain from everyday activities like running, jumping, and walking. Unfortunately, inflammation and injury can happen if we overwork or misuse these joints. Even with the best care, osteoarthritis can develop, causing knee pain. While some people turn to surgery or medication for quick relief, this approach can be counterproductive. Have you ever thought about how painful and long recovery can be when you undergo a knee replacement?

At Kennedy Health, we believe there are better options for solving your knee pain - not temporarily, but for years to come. Unlike other providers, our knee pain and arthritis specialists in Gwinhurst, DE, focus on finding and solving the root cause of your knee pain. That way, we can provide more comprehensive and long-lasting relief to our patients.

Regenerative medicine for knee pain is both a safe and effective option to consider, especially if you're wary about the pitfalls of knee replacement surgery or powerful pain medications. What types of knee pain and conditions can regenerative medicine from Kennedy Health solve? Our range of cutting-edge treatments can address a number of musculoskeletal issues, including:

  • ACL Tears
  • MCL Tears
  • Arthritis
  • Tendonitis
  • Ligament Inflammation
  • Tendon Inflammation
  • Knee Tears
  • More

If you have been searching high and low for a knee pain clinic offering natural healing, tissue regeneration, and improved quality of life, our knee pain specialists are here to help.

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As we age, the wear and tear on our muscles and joints can cause discomfort and pain. While it's true that some people believe that these aches and pains are an inevitable part of aging, many knee pain doctors challenge this assumption. At Kennedy Health, our team of arthritis and knee pain specialists aims to provide natural therapies that activate your body's innate ability to heal and renew its tissues. Rather than relying on harmful surgeries and sketchy pain medicines, we're laser-focused on harnessing this remarkable power so that you have a viable alternative to going under the knife.


While surgery may be necessary in some cases, it's essential to recognize that it's not always the best solution for every type of pain. Our non-surgical knee pain treatments have proven to be highly effective in resolving discomfort and restoring mobility for many of our patients. During your consultation with us, our experienced team will evaluate your current condition and needs with sensitivity and care.


We understand the impact that pain can have on your life and are committed to providing the most effective and appropriate knee pain treatment for your unique situation. If surgery is the best option for you, we will offer our professional advice and guidance to help you make an informed decision. However, if our regenerative knee pain therapy is a viable alternative, we will take the time to discuss your options in detail and work with you to design a personalized treatment plan that meets your specific needs.

Non-Surgical Knee Pain Gwinhurst, DE

Is Knee Replacement Surgery Your Best Option?

Picture this: After trying medication and cortisone injections to no avail, your physician has suggested surgery as the only remaining option for your excruciating knee pain. Though surgery is a daunting prospect due to the potential risks and lengthy recovery time, you trust that your doctor has your best interests at heart.

But is a knee replacement really the best choice for long-lasting relief from pain? At Kennedy Health, our knee pain and arthritis specialists in Gwinhurst, DE believe there's a better way.

How Does Regenerative Medicine Help Chronic Knee Pain?

The natural ability of the human body to heal itself is truly remarkable. From repairing broken bones to sealing cuts and fighting off infections, the body is equipped with powerful healing mechanisms. But in cases of severe injury or illness, regenerative medicine may provide a viable solution. By utilizing cutting-edge techniques such as cell therapy, bioengineering, and gene therapy, regenerative medicine aims to enhance the body's own healing capabilities.

Regenerative therapies are seen as the future of medicine, representing a shift away from traditional medical interventions. They hold tremendous promise for treating chronic conditions like osteoarthritis, as well as more serious diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and Parkinson's. As the field of regenerative medicine continues to evolve, new treatments are constantly emerging, rendering older methods obsolete.

For instance, microfracture procedures, which were once used to treat cartilage defects leading to arthritis, are no longer favored in the US. Instead, knee pain and arthritis specialists in Gwinhurst, DE prefer regenerative knee pain treatments like platelet-rich plasma therapy, which has proven to be highly effective for chronic knee pain sufferers.

Can Regenerative Medicine Really Help You Avoid Knee Replacement Surgery?

At Kennedy Health, we receive inquiries almost every day from folks just like you who have been fighting through chronic knee pain. They come to us excited about - yet still unsure of - regenerative medicine for their knees. They wonder whether or not these treatments are truly effective. Fortunately, by providing them with a custom recovery plan tailored to their body, we can show them it works, not just tell them.

As a popular new form of treatment, many studies have been conducted into the efficacy of treatments such as PRP, prolotherapy, extracorporeal shockwave therapy, and more. In fact, regenerative medical therapies are actively being pursued by renowned institutions like Harvard and the Mayo Clinic. The NIH recognizes that regenerative medicine is a highly promising treatment option for addressing knee pain and other diseases.

Additionally, the FDA maintains high efficacy and safety standards by overseeing various regenerative medicines, while organizations such as the AATB focus on ethical considerations in the advancement of regenerative medical therapies.

If you've been looking everywhere for a knee pain relief clinic but keep failing to find a solution tailored to your body, regenerative therapy may be the answer. Our patients report real relief from knee pain without suffering through issues common to knee replacements, such as:

  • Unneeded Complications
  • Long and Painful Recovery Times
  • Prescription Pain Pills
  • Anesthesia
  • Unnecessary Scar Tissue and Knee Scarring
  • Expensive and Ineffective Surgery
 Kennedy Health Gwinhurst, DE

Who Benefits Most from Knee Pain and Arthritis Specialists in Gwinhurst, DE?

Regenerative medicines have been proven to help men and women with a wide range of common issues, from skin care needs to injury healing. When it comes to knee pain, regenerative therapies are becoming the go-to choice over knee replacements. If you're experiencing one or more of the following conditions, it may be time to see a knee pain and arthritis specialist from Kennedy Health.

 Knee Replacement Surgery Gwinhurst, DE
Knee Arthritis

Knee Arthritis

Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and post-traumatic arthritis can lead to knee pain, stiffness, and inflammation due to cartilage degeneration or autoimmune responses. In terms of common knee problems, arthritis is near the top of the list and can often be treated without needing a knee replacement or surgery.


Repetitive Stress and Overuse

Repetitive movements or prolonged stress on the knee joint, such as running or jumping, can lead to chronic knee pain caused by conditions like patellofemoral pain syndrome or iliotibial band syndrome.



Inflammation of tendons, such as patellar or quadriceps tendonitis, can cause knee pain and difficulty with movement.


Trauma and Injuries

Knee injuries, including ligament tears (ACL, MCL, or meniscus), fractures, dislocations, or strains, can cause acute pain and instability in the knee.


Torn Ligaments

Damage to the ACL, MCL, or other knee ligaments can lead to instability in the knee joint, discomfort, and challenges with weight-bearing tasks.

3 Reasons to Re-Think a Knee Replacement Surgery

If your doctor is saying that a knee replacement is the only option available to eliminate your knee pain, consider it a red flag. Before you go under the knife, consider these potential pitfalls:

Knee ReplacementSurgery Alternatives from Kennedy Health

Do you often experience joint pain that interferes with your daily activities and causes discomfort? Joint pain - especially in your knees - can be particularly debilitating, making it difficult to stand, sit, squat, or enjoy time with loved ones. While sports injuries often result in knee pain, most chronic issues stem from the gradual deterioration of tissue that supports your joints.

For example, the cartilage in your knee, which cushions your joints, can break down, causing bones to rub together, which leads to arthritis. Thankfully, non-surgical medical treatments for knee pain and arthritis have come a long way in the last two decades. At Kennedy Health, we offer a variety of regenerative alternatives to knee surgery that can provide long-term relief from tissue breakdown in your knees.

Here are just a few of the most popular treatment options provided by our knee pain and arthritis specialists in Gwinhurst, DE.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy for Knee Pain

PRP, which stands for platelet-rich plasma, is a special type of blood plasma that contains a higher concentration of platelets than usual. Platelets are blood cells that aid in the growth and healing of the body. For people experiencing knee joint pain, PRP injections may be beneficial in reducing inflammation and promoting healing.

First, one of our specialists extracts a small amount of blood from your body. That blood is placed in a centrifuge. The centrifuge then spins the blood, causing your platelets to separate from the red blood cells. This platelet-rich plasma is then injected into your knee. With time, your body's own healing mechanisms provide joint pain relief, which can help you avoid surgery.

 Kennedy Health Gwinhurst, DE

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy for Knee Pain

Shockwave therapy involves delivering high-energy sound waves to the affected areas of your knees, which can help stimulate healing, pain reduction, and tissue regeneration. Shockwave therapy can also be very helpful when it comes to restoring your overall knee functionality because it breaks down scar tissue and stimulates blood vessel growth, both of which are crucial for long-lasting relief.

 Knee Replacement Surgery Gwinhurst, DE

Laser Therapy for Knee Pain

Most folks don't think about lasers when it comes to treating their chronic knee pain. But in modern times, truth is often stranger than fiction. Unlike high-level laser treatment, laser therapy for knee pain directs light energy to the affected area without causing any damage to the skin. By sending a 30-second light pulse into the knee, the light energy effectively penetrates deep into the joint and triggers chemical changes that promote the healing and growth of damaged cells and tissues. Contact Kennedy Health today for more information on this remarkable regenerative treatment.

Non-Surgical Knee Pain Gwinhurst, DE

Prolotherapy for Knee Pain

Regenerative injection therapy, or prolotherapy, is a medical procedure that aims to trigger your body's natural healing process by injecting a solution into the affected area of your knees. This exciting technique can help to strengthen your tendons, ligaments, and joints, which ultimately lessens your pain and improves your stability.

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True Relief from Knee Pain Begins with Custom Treatment from Kennedy Health

Are you sick and tired of your knees holding you back from enjoying life to its fullest? Few things are as heartbreaking as not being able to enjoy activities with your kids, grandkids, and loved ones. If you're suffering from knee pain due to an injury, arthritis, or another condition, don't settle for a lifetime of pain or harmful surgery. Fight back with regenerative medicine from Kennedy Health.

Our knee pain and arthritis specialists in Gwinhurst, DE will conduct a thorough evaluation of your knees, including a review of your medical history and diagnostic tests to determine the best treatment for your specific type of pain.

Unlike some clinics, our team prioritizes personalized care and works closely with you to develop a comprehensive approach to managing your symptoms. It all starts by scheduling a consultation at our office. If you're ready to reclaim your active lifestyle, we're here to support you every step of the way.

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